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The 7 Best Indoor Activities for Seniors - The 7 Best Indoor Activities for Seniors

February 12th, 2021

Whether you’re hunkering down for the winter, staying cool inside during the summer heat, or just looking to enjoy a day at home, having something fun to do inside is important for a happy, healthy life.

Here at Montage Ridge, our residents have a wide range of fun indoor activities for seniors available to them throughout the week. We put together this list of some of our residents’ favorite indoor activities so you can get inspired to stay active in your life!

1. Play a casual board game or build brainpower learning a new one

Board games are one of the first ideas that come to mind when people think of what to do indoors. Some of our favorite classic/casual board games include:

  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Checkers
  • Parcheesi

Beyond the classics, we’re living in what some consider a board game golden age. Just a glance at the popular board game website Board Game Geek shows a staggering list of tens of thousands of games. A favorite modern board game for seniors and younger people alike is Ticket to Ride, a train-route-building map game. Don’t hesitate to find one that sounds fun to you and give it a try!

2. Video games: not just for young’uns anymore

If tabletop games aren’t your speed, why not pick up a video game? The medium has a reputation as being for younger people only, but video gaming has grown and expanded to include people from all walks of life.

Our recommended starting point for seniors is video games that get you physically active. The Nintendo Wii may be 15 years old, but it is still unique in being a console that heavily relies on motion controls. The popular game Wii Sports lets you play golf, tennis, bowling, and more, all with realistic arm motions that imitate real-life sports.

Similarly, the motion-sensing Microsoft Kinect lets you play video games with your whole body. You can really work up a sweat playing games like Just Dance!

3. Explore the world through virtual reality

Seniors are not always able to travel, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to see the world. In the amazing world of technology that we live in, “travel” is possible without leaving your couch.

Virtual reality headsets, from the simple lenses that you slot a smartphone into to the higher-end standalone devices, virtual reality is financially feasible for most Americans. With these devices, seniors can virtually teleport to anywhere in the world with the power of apps like Google Earth VR

4. Start a book club together

Reading books is another tried-and-true indoor activity, but it can sometimes feel too solitary. That’s why we recommend putting together a book club with your friends, family, or fellow retirement community members!

Planning a book club is as easy as finding the right people, picking a book, and setting a meeting/reading cadence so everyone can discuss the same section of the book each week.

5. Get creative with arts and crafts

Creating something with your hands is a very rewarding way to spend your time indoors. Here at Montage Ridge Senior Living, we’ve even got a dedicated Arts & Crafts Studio for our residents! Whether you’re a fan of painting, watercolors, pencil/ink drawing, papercraft, or any other medium, there’s nothing holding you back from getting crafty.

6. Treat yourself to self-care with a spa day

A relaxing spa day doesn’t have to be expensive! Even if you’re just spending a day at home, you can turn it into a spa day with the right mindset. Here are some ideas to help make your self-care day great:

  • Light a candle: pleasant smells (AKA aromatherapy) add a lot to a soothing atmosphere
  • Relax in a bath
  • Apply a rejuvenating face mask
  • Enjoy a treat! Have some fancy chocolates or another snack you enjoy
  • Use your favorite body lotion

And, if you’re lucky enough to be living in a senior living community like ours, you can go to the Beauty Shop for a relaxing hair styling experience.

7. Get seasonal with these month-specific ideas

Our friends over at Paradise Village Senior Living have a great running blog post series detailing various indoor activities for seniors based on the month!

Some January activities for seniors include:

  • A New Year’s Day Party
  • A hot cocoa bar day
  • Decorate the new year’s calendars together at an arts and crafts event!

February activities are more than just Valentine’s day:

  • Watch the Super Bowl
  • Every four years, watch the Winter Olympics
  • Celebrate Black History month

And make sure to check the Paradise Village blog regularly as new posts are published for each month!

No matter what you enjoy, stay active!

The community at Montage Ridge knows how important it is for seniors to stay active and engaged, whether they’re relaxing inside or enjoying a walk at a park. With all the activities, events, and amenities available, our residents always have something available for them to do! We hope that our list of indoor activities for seniors helps you stay active, too.

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